Covid-19 Care

1 hour: $40.00

Face Massage Currently Unavailable in phase IV  

Not U-tube or esthetician-Vodder daily 5-7minute lymphatic drainage to help your sinus & ward off viral infections and heal faster after you have had one

Lymphatic Face & Sinus Self Care Tutorial $40,  Click below:


Note* Artificial fillers, including Botox injections, may be removed by your lymph system along with the fluid,

macromolecules and toxins.



Manual Lymphatic Drainage

45 minutes: $135.00

The Ultimate Hands on Detox-Tame your Detox

Feel lighter and clearer as you relax on a warmed massage table and improve lymphatic flow.

Vodder Method Manual Lymphatic Drainage and lymphatic massage, slowly and gently balancing fluid to rejuvenate and detox the body while you relax. 

Wear undergarment/s

Vodder European Method Certified ACOLS

Lymphedema Therapy Certified ACOLS




Full Body Detox (MLD)

1.5 hours: $240.00

Full Body Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Regularly $255