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Do you want to prime your lymphatic system to balance fluid, improve immune function and detox safely? 

Each relaxing session is a highly focused and intentional therapy. The therapists' full attention is given to you and the Art and Science of Vodder Method Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Lymphatic Massage are specialized gentle skin techniques used to improve lymphatic congestion and

increase lymphatic flow. 

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"Lymphatic drainage system of the brain:  A novel target for intervention of neurological diseases." Bao-Liang Sun et al. Prog Neurobiol. Apr-May 2018. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28903061/

" Possible Link between SARS-CoV2 Infection and Parkinson's Disease". "Possible Direct Interaction between the spike protein and alpha-sinuclein".  https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34281186/

Please Note: Lymphatic Massage sessions are light and are not like traditional muscle massages. 

Specializing In:

Lymphatic Self Care

Face/Sinus/Nero Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Face Yoga and Online Classes

Arm Lymphedema Maintenance


Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Vodder Method Certified ACOLS/MLDC)

Lymphedema (Certified ACOLS/CLT)

Face Yoga Certifed Teacher (Danielle Collins IPHM Approved Method)

Reiki Master Practitioner & Reiki Master Certified Teacher (USUI Reiki) Life Force Energy

Lymphatic techniques are gentle, slow and effective, designed to help the lymphatic system remove toxins and swelling, enabling the body to rejuvenate, detox and heal naturally, while you relax.

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Located in Liverpool NY 

Accepting HSA/FSA And Major Credit Cards

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"This service was not only relaxing and invigorating but I opted to learn and use the self drainage for the face and neck- my life has changed!! I have a 10 minute ritual I do in bed for lymph drainage every morning and I am SO very grateful. Can't wait to go back for another treatment."-Nicole W
"As a cancer survivor I was looking for assistance in getting my lymphatic system moving. What I didn't count on was what a difference it made in my overall health. I had been struggling with sinus headaches for weeks but after a session with Lorraine I woke up headache free. I was so much better without medicine! Best thing I have done for my health. Thanks Lorraine."-Susan K

"Lymphatic massage has made my quality of life so much better. I suffer from chronic sinusitis, and the treatments that Lorraine provides has not only decreased my sinus infections but has opened my passages and has allowed me to smell again."- Carol D
"Having a Lymphatic Face & Sinus MLD/Massage combo is an absolute piece of heaven. The heaviness and fatigue around my eyes disappears. I can feel the tension leave my face. You never really realize the fullness in your neck until it is relieved. Sinus pressure is relieved and I can actually see a reduced swelling around my eyes. I would have a treatment every day if I could. Besides the immediate calming of the muscles in my face and throat, I always leave with an overall sense of peace. Lorraine is a skilled therapist and a lovely person."-Amy M.

I  can't believe it! I came in for a 50 minute face and sinus treatment for allergies from tree pollen and after the treatment I felt so relaxed like I had just slept for 20 hours and my sinuses were all clear. I feel very clear and the main thing is I have this general feeling of wellbeing."-Dan W


Disclaimer: "All information presented by Lymphatic USA is for information purposes only and is intended to be an educational service and not, in any way, provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Testimonials are unique and not a guarantee of similar results.


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