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"This service was not only relaxing and invigorating but I opted to learn and use the self drainage for the face and neck- my life has changed!! I have a 10 minute ritual I do in bed for lymph drainage every morning and I am SO very grateful. Can't wait to go back for another treatment."-Nicole Windhausen
"As a cancer survivor I was looking for assistance in getting my lymphatic system moving. What I didn't count on was what a difference it made in my overall health. I had been struggling with sinus headaches for weeks but after a session with Lorraine I woke up headache free. I was so much better without medicine! Best thing I have done for my health. Thanks Lorraine."-Susan Kimmel

"Lymphatic massage has made my quality of life so much better. I suffer from chronic sinusitis, and the treatments that Lorraine provides has not only decreased my sinus infections but has opened my passages and has allowed me to smell again."- Carol Dristole
"Having a Lymphatic Face & Sinus MLD/Massage combo is an absolute piece of heaven. The heaviness and fatigue around my eyes disappears. I can feel the tension leave my face. You never really realize the fullness in your neck until it is relieved. Sinus pressure is relieved and I can actually see a reduced swelling around my eyes. I would have a treatment every day if I could. Besides the immediate calming of the muscles in my face and throat, I always leave with an overall sense of peace. Lorraine is a skilled therapist and a lovely person."-Amy M.

"I can't believe it! I came in for a 50 minute face and sinus treatment for allergies from tree pollen and after the treatment I felt so relaxed like I had just slept for 20 hours and my sinuses were all clear. I feel very clear and the main thing is I have this general feeling of wellbeing."-Dan W

"Post gall bladder surgery, my right foot and calf began swelling sporadically. I began treatments with Lorraine with a referral from Emily Lopez at Vascular Surgeons of CNY to assist with the edema and lymphatic issues. I am on my sixth treatment and have seen a huge difference. She recommended the proper compression garments, has educated me on the Vodder Method of removing fluid to continue at home, and is helping me with a lifelong program to prevent reoccurrences. Lorraine is highly knowledgeable and skilled and the treatments are an enjoyable experience in her beautiful office space in Liverpool. I recommend Lorriane to anyone experiencing swelling and edema issues without hesitation. This therapy is the only thing that worked for me."-Amy D.

"I have been receiving regular treatments to maintain good health but this was my first experience with the new techniques. Amazing blend of gentle pressure and slightly deeper movement really feels like things are flowing. There was not a single second that I was not thinking please don't stop!"-Maurita M.

"Lorraine, I wanted to thank you for the relief you've given me in my hands and thumbs. The pain I had was overwhelming, it was difficult to work at my job as well as everyday use. I was sure it was going to be a long road of doctors and surgeries. When you asked if I had any pain anywhere, never did I think a lymphatic drainage would take all the pain and worry away. I am very relieved. Thank you for what you do!"-Jeanine S

 "I am a 3-1/2 year breast cancer survivor. I have suffered with lymphedema for years.  Simple tasks such as stirring a pot on the stove or peeling potatoes was very painful, and caused my arm to swell. Amazing!! After just one lymphatic drainage treatment the size of my arm was reduced and the pain and heaviness that I felt was gone!!  With such great results I have since had 2 additional treatments.  There is significant reduction in the size of my arm as well as my abdomen. The treatments are relaxing and the results are incredible!  I wish I had done this years ago.  I do feel so much better and see alot less pain from lymphedema in my future with the treatments.  Lorraine you are the best!!"-Linda S

"Manual Lymphatic Drainage has been very good to me. For more than 30 years I have had moderate lymphedema in my leg. It was more like dragging a tree limb with me daily. It felt very heavy, swollen and hard on my hips to lug with me. I am not an idle person and would love my leg to cooperate with daily activities and exercise. I had tried different treatments over the years and had given up out of frustration as I kept having to deal with the same symptoms daily. One more look at research and I called Lorraine to see if her lymphatic manual drainage may help me. I needed to get even a drop of hope and relief. I was very skeptical but had nothing to lose. Lorraine uses a technique that was incredible. I not only saw results through measurements, with the very first visit I was also active. I wasn't so drained and I was not anxious from struggling with this limb.  I was able to move without second-guessing myself and I completely settled within. The movement of this fluid gave me feelings in my leg like it was like any other. I have a pair of legs now-no more tree limb. Lorraine gave very helpful and simple techniques to continue my lymphedema needs on a daily level and they give great relief. This is a treatment I can see helping many. It did truly revive and decongest my whole self.  The leg was my goal, but I feel wonderful. I no longer have random achiness and my circulation is more active. I feel my body is working much more efficiently since trying MLD. I am super impressed and hope you will find similar results."-Jenn R

"I am so happy I found Lymphatic Massage. It has improved my health status. During part of the treatment, I felt my body tingling like fluid was moving. My arms felt relief from the stiff aching pain I'd been having for months. My arms felt light, free and flexible like jello. It is also an extremely relaxing treatment. I have a hard time falling asleep during the day, and during each treatment, I end up falling asleep for part of it. I would recommend Lymphatic Massage to everyone. Lorraine is skilled as well as passionate about it, and she genuinely cares."-Brittany L

"My first Lymphatic Massage ever was with Lorraine. It was an excellent and relaxing experience. After the treatment I got off the table and immediately noticed I had more flexibility in my hips and felt relief from the pain my leggs had been in for days." Kate P.

"The 2 MLD treatments I had with Lorraine were unbelievable. After only 2 sessions, the various symptoms I have on a daily basis were relieved the next day. Amazing!!!"-Carol L

"I was a little tight immediatedly following my MLD treatment but by the next day I noticed improvement which continued. I was finally able to sleep laying down the next night which was a huge milestone! I feel your treatment helped my healing progress more quickly"- Heidi C

"We all have a 'subtle body' - which is usually forced into the background by 'daily life.' I think it is the goal of all bodywork to help us be more in tune with that side of ourselves. Lorraine immediately accessed that subtle body with her lymphatic drainage work. Gentle - powerful - very relaxing!"
Peter W.
"First, I want to say that I asked if there was some way I could write a testimonial (I wasn't asked to do this) because I had such a positive experience and wanted to share my perspective with others who may be considering coming here. Lorraine was wonderful-professional, kind, bright, knowledgable, and she had a wonderful energy about her. I really appreciated that she custom designed my time to address exactly what I needed. She was very conscious of my health issues and showed great respect for all of my concerns. By the time we were done, I felt like a cooked noodle (completely relaxed and flexible!). It was a great experience and I can't wait to come back to try the lymphatic massage!! I strongly encourage others to try this -- you won't regret it." Shalini S

"Lorraine has one of the most calming, spiritual temperaments of anyone I know. I was so impressed with her skill and professionalism because her massages were just as effective as those I have recieved over the years from long time massage therapists at well known facilities." Karen R.

"I felt like an angel was taking away my stress. Lorraine is one of the best Massage Therapists I have ever experienced." Karen G.

“Lorraine was considerate of how I felt. I felt the tensions in my muscles melt away and felt like I was at a resort in a pleasant place. The pressure was perfect, wonderful." Thelma E

"Lorraine put me at ease immediately, was easy to talk to, but was quiet when appropriate. She didn't over talk. Perfect firm pressure." James A

"Very calm, welcoming and personable. Tension releasing restorative work." Michelle D

"Lorraines technique was flowing, it felt like it never broke-like her hands were miles long. Invigorating." Lorrie A